Bichectomia, a simple and fast surgery: case report

Rosenvaldo Moreira Júnior, Gabriela Gontijo, Tainá Carvalho Guerreiro, Neidison Luiz de Sousa, Roosevelt Moreira


Bichectomy is an intra oral surgical procedure, which is the excision of Bichat's fat pad, in order to make the patient's face thinner and bring to him/her greater harmony in the facial contour. The surgery is simple, fast, has a low rate of postoperative complications and can be performed by dental surgeons or plastic surgeons. This article will present a case report of a bichectomy procedure conducted by a dental surgeon on a female patient. The aesthetic results of this procedure can be effectively observed after a period of 4 to 6 months, when the swelling of the subcutaneous tissue is completely resorbed.

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