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Relato de Caso

v. 26 n. 76 (2017): ROBRAC

Immediate implant in the esthetic zone: clinical and CBCT follow-up of peri-implant tissues

January 16, 2016
April 3, 2017


Technological advances in implant dentistry have substantially increased the number of rehabilitations of patients with immediate esthetic needs, particularly when the use of removable prosthesis during osseointegration does not meet patient expectations and demands. The placement of dental implants and the adequate immediate provisionalization should ensure high-quality functional and esthetic results and a good prognosis. However, questions remain about whether rehabilitation should be immediate in case of fresh sockets, particularly when the gingival phenotype is unfavorable. This report describes a clinical case of extraction of teeth #8 and #9, immediate dental implant placement and placement of a provisional using the crown of the natural teeth freshly extracted. Results are compared with findings reported in recent studies, and the ideal treatment to maintain gingival architecture is discussed.