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Relato de Caso

v. 27 n. 80 (2018): ROBRAC

A recurrent case of central odontogenic fibroma in maxilla showing root resorption: a case report

julho 13, 2017
janeiro 16, 2018


Objective: The aim of this report is present an aggressive recurrent case of central odontogenic fibroma (COF) with tooth resorption in anterior maxilla, and discuss both events based on literature. Case description: A 29-year-old woman was referred for examination of a non-swelling intraosseous lesion detected by routine radiographic exams for orthodontic planning. Panoramic exam revealed a well-defined multiloculated radiolucency in the right anterior maxilla. Periapical radiography highlighted dental resorption of canine and first premolar. After the incisional biopsy the COF diagnosis was confirmed. Tumor was removed by enucleation. Recurrence was detected three years later and the lesion was removed together with involved teeth. No indication of recurrence has been observed in the past eight years. Conclusion: COF is a benign tumor and can be aggressive. Recurrence and root resorption simultaneously are rare features reported in literature. The treatment must include tooth removal and curettage. Prognosis is good and follow-up is important.