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Relato de Caso

v. 28 n. 87 (2019): ROBRAC

Dental behavior management of a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta type V: case report

  • Danilo Cassiano Ferraz+
  • Ana Luiza Rodrigues Ribeiro
  • Ronan Machado de Alcântra
  • Alessandra Maia de Castro
  • Fabiana Sodré de Oliveira
  • Danielly Cunha de Araújo Ferreira
abril 28, 2019
abril 14, 2020


Aim: the aim of this study is to report a case of a four-year-old male patient diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) type V and the dental care performed.  Material and method: the patient has been monitored by a multidisciplinary team composed by Pediatric Dentistry, Nurse and Nutritionist at a Special Patients Center in Dentistry Hospital on the Federal University of Uberlândia since one month of life. It was reported that a child had already suffered several bone fractures and currently he has been using calcium carbonate, D vitamin and pamidronate. Results: the proposed intervention was dental preventive strategies by parental education, caries risk assessment and controlling the dental biofilm with professional prophylaxis. But, due to the uncooperative behavior, it was used the active protective stabilization technique and mouth opener. Conclusion: it was concluded that due to the bone fragility and the risk of fractures, it is important a careful placement of the patient on the dental chair. Also, the correct use of basic auxiliary devices and advanced techniques of behavior management were relevant.