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Relato de Caso

v. 23 n. 65 (2014): ROBRAC

Aesthetic and functional reestablishment of patient diagnosed with perimolysis: a clinical case report

junho 4, 2014
setembro 16, 2014


Dental structure deterioration, like enamel erosion, is caused through dissolution by endogenous or exogenous acid substances in the oral cavities. The demineralization caused exclusively by endogenous acid as the chronic regurgitations and gastric dysfunctions that cause erosive tooth lesions are known as perimolysis. This clinical case report describes the oral rehabilitation of a patient with perymolisis using direct composite resin restorations. This patient had erosive lesions on lingual, incisor, and occlusal surfaces of almost all teeth, a situation which, among other disturbances, caused alteration in vertical dimension of occlusion, muscular pain, and esthetic damage. Multifactorial aspects were applied to diagnosis, planning, and functional and esthetic rehabilitation of anterior and posterior teeth.