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Pesquisa Científica

v. 24 n. 68 (2015): ROBRAC

Clinic Reality Study of intraradicular posts

janeiro 29, 2015
fevereiro 2, 2015


Objetive: This study aimed to understand and analyze the systematic use of post space, including its indications and most frequent problems for professionals in Goiania-GO. Material and Methods: We used a 16-question questionnaire applied to a sample of clinical and/or experts in the fields of dentistry and dental prosthesis. We conducted a random raffle among those enrolled in the Regional Council of Dentistry of Goiás. 121 research professionals participated. In order to compare proportions in levels of category variables, a chi-square test was applied. Results: Cast core is used by 70.2% of respondents, while only 25.6% prefer  prefabricated posts. The most mentioned selection criteria were coronal, aesthetics and extent of restoration, regardless of the type of retainer. Zinc phosphate cement was the favorite material for cast post and core, and resin cement the one for pre-fabricated fiberglass. Difficult removal (57.9%), aesthetic risk (48.8%) and root fracture (44.6%) were the most frequent problems with the cast post and core. Loss of retention, filling and core pin fracture, and difficult removal were the most prevalent problems with prefabricated posts. Conclusion: Clinical experience and training proved decisive in the selection of post space. Participants with more experience in service and dental specialists tend to adopt more precise criteria for selection.