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Pesquisa Científica

v. 25 n. 72 (2016): ROBRAC

Auditing of the prescription of antimicrobials in a dental school: perspective to rational use

novembro 18, 2015
fevereiro 22, 2016


Objective: The aim of this investigation was evaluate the prescriptions of antimicrobials in the School of Dentistry of the Federal University of Goiás to identify the most prescribed antimicrobials, the dosage used for prophylactic and therapeutic measures and the clinical indications that justified their use. Methods: From the patients’ medical records and prescriptions the following information was taken: prescribed antibiotic, dose, duration of treatment, indication, clinic were the patient was treated and clinical procedure performed. Results: 718 charts of patients were analyzed and 180 antimicrobial prescriptions were identified. The results showed that the Emergency Clinic has issued the highest number of prescription. When we consider the type of antimicrobial, the amoxicillin, amoxicillin in association with clavulanate acid or in association with the metronidazole, accounted for most of the prescriptions. Conclusions: The majority of the prescriptions occurred in the treatment of dentistry emergencies and amoxicillin was the most prescribed antibiotic. Variations regarding duration of treatment and the moment of the prescription were identified.